1.Introduction to C

1.1: C: History|Why C Programming?

1.2: How C-Program is executed?

1.3: C-Programming: A Basic Structure

1.4: C-Programming: Platforms to Use

2.Introduction to Data Types

2.1: Types of Integer

2.2:Types of Floating Point

2.3:Types of Double-Precision Floating Point Type

2.4:Types of Characters

2.5:Types of Void

3:Introduction to Constants

3.1: Integer Constants

3.2:Character Constants

3.3: Real Constants

3.4: String Constants

4:Introduction to Variables

4.1: Declaration of Variables

4.2:Why Variables Declarations?

5:Introduction to Operators

5.1: An Introduction to Operators

5.2: What are types of Operators?

5.3:Increment and Decrement Operators

5.4:Arithmetic Operators

5.5:Logical Operators

5.6:Relational Operators

5.7:Special Operators

5.8:Bitwise Operators

6:Introduction to Control Statements

6.1: Iterations

6.2: Decision Making Statements

6.3:Switch Statements

6.4:Break and Continue Statements

7:Introduction to I/O Operations

7.1: Data I/O Operations

7.2:What are Formatted Functions?Types?

7.3:What are Un-Formatted Function?Types?

8:Introductions to Functions

8.1:Definition of Function in C

8.2: Why Functions in C?

8.3:Recursive Functions

8.4:What are Components of Function?

8.5:What are different types of Function Calls?

9: Introduction to Arrays

9.1: Definition of Arrays in C

9.2: Why Arrays in C?

9.3: Characteristics of Array

9.4:One-Dimensional Array:Types

9.5:Multi-Dimensional Array:Types

10:Introduction to Strings

10.1: Definition of Strings in C

10.2: Why Strings in C?

10.3:Characteristics of Strings

10.4: How Arrays are Initialized?

10.5: What are Array of Strings?

11:Introduction to Structure

11.1:Definition of Structure in C

11.2:Why Structure in C?

11.3:Characteristics of Structures

11.4: How Structure is Defined?

11.5:How structure is processed?

11.6: Array of Structures

12:Introduction to Union

12.1: Definition of Union in C

12.2: Why Union in C?

12.3: Characteristics of Union

13: Introduction to Pointer

13.1: Definition of Pointer in C

13.2: Why Pointer in C?

13.3:Characteristics of Pointer

13.4: How Pointers are Initialized?

13.5: Null Pointer,Void Pointer,Bad Pointer

13.6: Pointer: Applications?

14:Introduction to Graphics

14: Definitions of Graphics in C

14.2: Why Graphics in C?

14.3: Characteristics of Graphics

14.4:How Graphics are initialized?

14.5:Closing Graphics Mode

15:Introduction to Data Files

15.1: Definition of Data Files in C

15.2: Why Data Files in C?

15.3: Characteristics of Data Files

15.4:How Opening and Closing of Flie is done?

15.5:Binary Data Files

15.6: End of File(EOF)

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